Eaton University


Dear Eaton University Families,

We hope this letter finds you all healthy and enjoying summer.  We are sure many of you have been wondering about Eaton School District re-opening and how that will affect the re-opening of the after-school program.  The Eaton University Staff and the Eaton School District have been working hard to ensure that schools will open safely for students and staff.  After a collaborative discussion between the Eaton School District and Eaton University, we have decided to delay the opening of Eaton University.  One main goal of reopening schools safely is to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by limiting exposure across grades.  Eaton University provides care for students that may be coming from 17 different classrooms.  If children congregate in one area from 17 different classrooms, we would be defeating the main purpose of keeping students in cohorts within their grade and class level.  We would not only be combining different grades but students from different schools.


Eaton School District and Eaton University will continue to monitor the situation as school begins.  We will continue to meet and use guidance from the Weld County Health Department and Child Care Licensing to determine when Eaton University can resume the program.  Unfortunately, we do not have a time frame on re-opening but assure you that it will be discussed frequently as both entities know this is a much-needed program in our community.


We want to thank everyone for their understanding and patience as we navigate this everchanging situation.  If you have any questions, please contact us at 970-454-9400.  We will be checking messages and will respond by the next business day. 


Thank you,

EU Staff