Eaton University



Welcome to Eaton University at the Eaton Elementary School and Benjamin Eaton: 


An afterschool program for students Kindergarden age through 12 years old.  At Eaton University we are dedicated to the learning and development of your child.  Our focus is on the child’s whole development.  As we believe education to be a top priority, we also see the need for children to have time to relax and reflect on their day.  The after school program is designed to help the children with homework and enrich the children’s minds with fun themes. The afternoon is designed to first have fun but also incorporate literacy, math, reading, science and socialization.  We believe in hands on activities as well as art and group learning projects. 


Location and Hours:


Eaton University meets in the cafeteria at Eaton Elementary School.  For students who attend Benjamin Eaton Elementary School there is a shuttle bus that provides transportation to Eaton Elementary. Our hours of operation are 3:00pm-5:30pm Monday-Friday.  Eaton University follows the Eaton School District Calendar; we will be closed whenever students do not have class or in the event the district closes for an early dismissal.